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For master data you can create, update or even delete the data, but for the transaction you can only get the data from the server.

HTTP Methods

For master data you can use :

Method Operation Description
GET show A GET request is used to retrieve data
POST create A POST request is used to create data
PATCH update A PATCH request is used to update data
DELETE delete A DELETE request is used to delete data

For transaction data you can only use :

Method Operation Description
GET show A GET request is used to retrieve data

Response Code

Code Name Description
200 OK Request success
201 Created Created request success
401 Unauthorized Authorization failed
404 Not Found Object not found
406 Not Acceptable Unpermitted request body
422 Unprocessable Entity Unprocessable due to semantic error


You can access InterActive MyProfit API at[endpoint], to use our API you can use Bearer Token for the authorization method.


You can get the Token at InterActive MyProfit

Request and Response

Each data has its own endpoint, to be able to use it look at the documentation of what parameters are needed.

For the create and update request you have to specify the body format to JSON.

You can also see the examples of the response, either it failed or succeeded.


When accessing get list method, the API will serve 100 data at most. If there are more than 100 data the API will make it accessible through pagination.

To access the next or previous page, simply use next_page and prev_page at the response of the API. For more detail you can see at each section of the endpoint.